Spring is here!

No clouds, no shadows from buildings. Spring is here! It feels good to be delivering energy to our neighbours.

We entered the P-nuts awards

P-nuts awards are for the best initiatives for locally and small-scale generated sustainable energy. See the entry here: http://bit.ly/giuIDF

Thanks to open-coop www.opencooperatie.nl, who pointed us at this opportunity!

winter experiences (2)

After the snow, there was another interesting winter aspect showing up: “hoar-frost” (this is what interglot makes of the Dutch word “rijp”). A nice white thin layer covered literally all of our panels! Too much to clean, and when I checked it out 5 minutes later…. it was all gone.

I am not sure, but the effect in the graphs was quite clear.

winter experiences (1)

This week, we had some snow! Nice, but when the sun comes out, what happens to our harvest from the sun, when a part of the panels are covered by snow? Yes, we need this little bit of solar power in these dark months, so I took out a wiper, connected it to an extendable stick and started cleaning the panels. I discovered the effect of different type of shadow: wind shadow. That’s where the snow remains on the panels.

After a nice and fresh cleaning session I went in to see the effects on the graphs, I imagined that I could see a slight change, but I can’t say it was mind blowing.

nieuws over SDE regeling 2011

Maxime Verhagen heeft de volgende brief geschreven aan de voorzitter van de Tweede Kamer:


filmpje panelen leggen


Op 18 november jl. heeft Olaf zijn zegje mogen doen over de zonnepanelen aan het publiek van de broedplaatsmanifestatie. Hiervoor hebben www.maartenvanhouten.com en www.witid.nl een alleraardigst stopmotion filmpje inelkaar gezet over de plaatsing van de zonnepanelen. Oh… nog even op YouTube zetten!

Hieronder meer over de manifestatie:


Parool 3rd of November

View on the roof

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